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Anupama Written Update 22 October 2021, Check Today’s News Related to Anupama Today Final Episode on OTT Platform. Check All Details of Disney Anupama written Updates 22.10.2021. Many of your must be the fan of the famous series, Anupama that also appears in the Disney OTT platform. So before the update on the same, I will share the 22 October 2021. latest episode of the Anupama series here. Check the same below, if you are a lover of this sweet series.

Anupama Written Update 22 October 2021

As Kavya and Vanraj returns home, she then told Vanraj about how she feels of the Anuj Kapadia. Though he is handsome and everybody knows it. However, Kavya feels he is charming as well. To this, even Vanraj remembers that once Devika revealed excitedly that during college time, the most handsome boy was mad for Anu’s dance. There, Anu also informs her Baa on the call, that she is coming home. Again Kavya is seen commenting that the person who has 40 lakh rupees think of themselves as Ambani. However, their attitude doesn’t matches with it!

Anupama Written Updates


Then she askes Vanraj as to where he was lost. To which he told of thinking about something. To which she replies, if it was regarding Anuj? As if he is the friend of Anuj then surely they can get access to buy the factory (karkhana). Thus Vanraj replies that he was just Anu’s classmate and not his friend. Therefore, Kavya adds, but classmates are friends too? Isn’t it?. Irritatedly Vanraj replies, no there is nothing like that. He is not Anu’s friend.

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Thus seeing his confidence, she asks, how come you are so sure about it? To which Vanraj replies, Devika told this to him once. So, now Kavya says, okay but can’t he become a friend then? Therefore, we try to arrange the meeting for both of them, that is Anu and Anuj? But then Vanraj negates the whole idea, as he feels that Anuj is way too smarter and cunning than he looks. However, Kavya shows a different point towards it as she feels him to be sweet and Vanraj is unnecessarily thinking a lot.

Finally this irritated Vanraj very much and he then asks Kavya to stop talking about him. She then commented in a funny manner that you must be jealous as your “Thepla like – ex wife’s friend do look like a Pizza. And this again made Vanraj angrya and he repeated the same to not mention again anything about Anuj.

Anupama Written Updates 22.10.2021

We can see that the Devika is asking Anuj if he is not feeling comfortable as he has to drop Anu home. To which Anuj says no it is fine. After all if she wanted to say no, then it would have been said in college itself. Thus there is still some hopes and he did not want to miss a chance of trying again for her love. Anu has been living life without any love for over 26yrs and nor is she asking it form her life. At the other side, Anuj is madly in love with her, however he dont have the strength to say the same to her. However, he then asks if she is his bestfriend and what is the final matter of the Karkhana?

Anu then explains the whole story, which is quite long. As the Anu’s family is trapped under the debt/ loan of around 40 lakh, and now she is finding a way to shred it off. Thereafter, he tries to relax her a bit and asks if they can Dance a bit to lighten their mood. Finally he then plays the songs, “ye kaali kaali aankhein…..”

Then, Anu finally gets in her home. Besides this both Kinjal and Pakhi are very much excited to ask Anu if she and Anuj are friends? Kavya then says “close friends actually” and thereafter even Vanraj saw all this. Samar then gets sad, as Mom didn’t told him that she is friend with the Big business man that is Anuj. Finally Baa speaks that she too do not have any knowledge regarding the same. And the same is said by ANu too. To which Kavya suddenly replied, but both they were dancing moments earlier.

Moreover, she feels that, there is certainly something between them as even their friends were teasing them. And if this is the thing then they should be vocal about the same. After all why to hide this thing.

Further in Anupama Written Details on Today’s Episode:

Furious with the allegations of Kavya, Anu then finally speaks that there was nothing wrong if she was dancing with Anuj. However, it was Kavya who always have done wrong and has hide the same for long 9 yrs. So, why suddenly kavya has a problem when I am dancing with my friends? To this both Vanraj and kavya gave looks to Anu. Later on she asks Baa for an ointment as her knee was paining. This was because she had a bad fall and even lost her sandal. In all this, Toshu backed Anu.

Later on Baa then asks Kavya as why She (Kavya) and Vanraj went there? She then replied to meet the buyer of the Kharkhana and then they saw Anu having fun and party with Anuj and other friends. On the other side, Anuj reaches his home, and his father asks in a funny way why he came home before 5 am from party. His mom too cracks a joke there and asks him to make a dating profile. GK says then, he saw a girl and asks Anuj to now finally he should thing of marriage. His father wants to see him married before anything happens to him, and Anuj said nothing will happen you for 200 yrs.

GK then senses he must have met Anu (Anupama) and couldnt believe that Anu danced with him finally. On the other side, even Anupama was things about the party and the dance they did, then remembers about the Knee pain, to which she gave a good laugh. Thereby Kavya says, lets get on point, as the date of the Rakhi Dave’s deadline is coming close, so why not they should use the connection of Anupama and Anuj to come out of this situation?

Final Anupama 22 October 2021 Episode Written Update:

Anupama was listening to all of this, she then said she will now ask Samar about the same. As then Samar walks in the room, Anu could read his face and then she could apprehend he had some fight with Rohan. Samar then told that yes, Rohan was quite misbehaving with Nandu, to which he could not control his anger. And so Anupama says, that this is because of his fear, and if he truly trusts Nandu then this should not have happened.

Samar then replied to Anupama, that Rohan is the first love of Nandu and he has a constant fear of loosing her to him once again. Anu then pacifies him that it will never happen. However, if he actually loves her a lot, then he must let her choose her own life. If Nandu truly feels the same about him, then she will definitely come back.

He then says okay let us leave this here and tell me how was the party? Anupama then replied, it was good and now they should talk about the next day. Thereafter Devikar then calls Anupama, as why she left so early, the party was still going on! To which asks her to be careful while driving. Devika then says, you both are same yaar. Even Anuj left in the middle of the party.

Then Anupama further aks, you had dinner? To which she says, even Anuj didn’t had his dinner. Finally Anupama says okay bye, I am feeling sleepy now. Then Devika added, even Anuj is feeling sleepy! Anupama finally then asks as why he is constantly speaking about Anuj and should now stop pulling here leg on the same.

Now this whole conversation is heard by Vanraj. And on the other side, Anuj is seen hearing the song “jale man tera bhi, kisi se milne ko….”. He then picks up the old rose which Anupama gave him. And now it has been nearly 26 yrs. that he has been waiting for her love. And also that if there is something that troubles her, he must see to it.

So this was the spoiler of the 20th episode of Anupama series. Thanx for reading!

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