Bihar 6-6 Hajar Badh 6000 Rahat Sahayata Block List 6 thousand rupees amount

Bihar 6-6-Hajar Sahayata Rashi List List Dekhe Bihar 6-6-Hajar Rupees Jane Kis Jila Ko Liya Gaya 6000-6000 Due to floods in Bihar, lakhs of houses were flooded due to flooding in Bihar, due to which millions of families became homeless to provide assistance to these families so that with that assistance, they can get some trust. In view of all those whose water has entered their houses.

Whose crops have been destroyed, whose animals have lost their lives and property, the Bihar government has announced to give 6000 rupees, in which all the districts of Bihar have not been taken but some districts have been taken.

All the blocks in that district have not been taken. The list of only a few of them is going to be given to you. I am going to tell you the chests that have been flooded due to floods in these blocks. You will see the list of blocks related to it

Bihar 6-6 Hajar

The Bihar government has given a reason for the floods in Bihar. Water entered lakhs of homes due to which lakhs of families became homeless In order to provide assistance money to these families so that they can get some confidence from those assistance money, in view of this, the Bihar government has given every family Water entered the houses whose crops were ruined.

In view of all those whose animals, lives and property were damaged Bihar government has announced to give Rs 6000-6000 In this all the districts of Bihar have not been taken. But some districts have been taken Not even all the blocks have been taken in that district, I am going to tell you the list of some of them below.

Those who are going to give ₹ 6000 to the chest which has happened due to the floods in these blocks from those districts. You will see a list of the number of related blocks at the bottom.

Bihar 6-6 Hajar Block List

After Prabhat affected district and the number of blocks of those districts are given below

Saran, Samastipur, Siwan, Madhubani, Madhepura, Saharsa, Sitamarhi, Shivhar, Supaul, Kishanganj, Darbhanga, Muzaffarpur, Gopalganj, East Champaran, West Champaran, Khagaria

name of districts number of blocks
Saran 76
Samastipur 39
Siwan 29
Madhubani 48
madhepura 21
Sarhasa 33
Sitamarhi 126
sheohar 07
Supaul 63
Kishanganj 08
Darbhanga 202
Muzaffarpur 235
Gopalganj 63
East Champaran 166
West Champaran 63
Khagaria 39

There has been a lot of damage due to flood in the district, in view of which the government has given ₹ 6000-6000 as relief amount.

Bihar 6-6 Hajar

6000-6000 assistance has been sent to the account of 450129 families affected by the floods of Bihar. This amount is of 270 crores, action is being taken to send the amount to the accounts of the flood affected families. Will be completed soon, Additional Secretary of Disaster Management Department, Ramchandra informed

He said that after sending the amount to the accounts of the affected families, through SMS on their mobile numbers. It is also informed that so far 6900000 of 1188 panchayats in 124 blocks in 16 districts of the state. The population has been affected by the floods. He said that the team of NDRF and others Relief and rescue operations are being carried out on a war footing through administrative officers personnel.

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