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Nowadays everyone wants their land All the information of (Bihar Bhumi) The dispute of the land held by him (Bihar Bhumi) is seen the most in our country, the government moves to end this dispute day by day. Every day you must see new case related to Bihar land dispute through newspapers and other newspapers.

And you must have seen land disputes around you as well. Keeping all these in mind, the Bihar government has given all the information related to the Bihar land dispute. It is impossible to believe that the land dispute will end soon but it will definitely end in some time to come because Bihar is the most important land dispute in the land dispute. Documents are the most important documents to be proof of anything and we all know

Land of Districts (Bihar Bhumi) Digitization

Our law and order also runs on Proof where you are living It is also necessary to have a document of that land (Bihar Bhumi). Only then you can claim the ownership of that land (Bihar Bhumi), to settle the same disputes, online digital of all the land on the official website of Bihar land. Licensing is being done, land disputes are coming down significantly.

At present, you can see the land information of almost all the districts of Bihar online, related to the land information such as the account of the land (Bihar Bhumi) Khesra land. Jamabandi of (Bihar Bhumi), in whose name that land is (Bihar Bhumi) Area of ​​land (Bihar Bhumi) Information related to the land (Bihar Bhumi) Now you can access your mobile and your computer. Today we can watch online from Will tell you important information related to Bihar land information, from where you can get land information of all the districts sitting at home.

Bihar Bhu Naksha (How to see land map?)

Now you can easily sit at home in any part of Bihar. You can see the district map on your mobile or computer Through the Khesra number mentioned on the land map, you can also get information about whose name the plot number is and All the details of that plot like the name of the farmer next to that plot You can see the total area of ​​that plot and the land map in High Quality (HD)

land map

As you can see in the photo below, many aminos have been restored in Bihar. In order to settle the dispute related to land (Bihar Bhumi), the way the land (Bihar Bhumi) dispute is ending slowly, the main reason for this is the land (Bihar Bhumi). Having digitization Digitization will reduce land disputes and the details of the land (Bihar Bhumi) will be available forever. Come land map We tell you more information related to (Bihar Bhumi Jnkari) below.

how to download you land map One thing I want to make clear here is that the land of all the districts is gradually being digitized in Bihar. this information in time you will soon For this, the government is concerned about the removal of land disputes on a war footing and Doing all the information related to the land (Bihar Bhumi) online

How to see the complete information of the land (Bihar Bhumi)?

To see the land map, you will get a link at the bottom of this article, through that link you can get information by visiting the website. To see the land map, first you have to select your district. After selecting the district, you will select your circle, after that Select sub division then select Mauja

After selecting Mauja, you select your type, after that select the number of seats in that Mauja, the plot of which you want to see the details. Search by entering the number of that plot in the search box like this From this, the complete information of that plot will come openly in front of you, in this way you can see the complete information of the land map online. can print out

Bihar bhumi

How to do land (Bihar Bhumi) information online? (Online Mutation)

Information about the land (Bihar Bhumi) Online While doing all the types you are looking at below, this is the type of land (Bihar Bhumi). Admission cancelled If you do it online, you have either bought that land (Bihar Bhumi) from someone or someone gives the land as a gift or the order is given by the court.

Bihar Bhumi

whether this land is yours or yours land of ancestors (Bihar Bhumi) In the same way, things related to other land happen, so below you can talk about similar and similar land. You can see the types of these when you online Let’s select the land for mutation, most of the land people buy.

So while doing online, select the option of Sale and Purchase and apply for mutation of land (Bihar Bhumi) online registration. how mutation is done Here You can see full details from

type of land

  • Sale and Purchase
  • Exchange
  • Gift
  • Succession
  • Partition
  • Succession with Partition
  • Will
  • Court-ordered
  • Land purchase by Government
  • Land settlement
  • Settlement of ceiling surplus land
  • HomeStead
  • Restoration of land to the raiyat under land Acquisition act
  • Restoration and land under Kosi area Act 1951
  • Perpetual by government

online for all districts of bihar Mutation can be rejected By clicking on any district from below, you can get complete information about how mutation is done online, first of all related to mutation. registration have to do

dakhil kharij

How to register, you can also get information from here After doing online mutation you can apply online rejected filing of any block of any district and Earth Other mutations associated with Online can do

Arwal, Munger, Aurangabad, Madhepura, Banka, Muzaffarpur, Begusarai Nalanda, Bhagalpur, Nawada, Bhojpur, Patna, Buxar, Purnia, Darbhanga, Rohtas, East Champaran, Saharsa, Gaya, Samastipur, Gopalganj Sheohar, Jamui, Sheikhpura, Jehanabad, Saran , Khagaria, Sitamarhi, Kishanganj Supaul, Kaimur Siwan, Katihar, Vaishali, Lakhisarai

LRC Jobs (Revenue Department Jobs)

Jobs are also restored from time to time by the Department of Revenue and Land Reforms, in 2019, many jobs have been recruited, such as about these posts. Revenue and Land Reforms Department appointments have been made Special Survey Assistant Settlement Officer 275 posts of special survey kanungo of 550 posts and special survey amin for 4950 posts 550 for Amin post and clerical special survey Recruitment of 550 posts has been taken out last year for which recruitment is going on.

LRC Jobs

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