Computer Ka Speed ​​Kaise Badhaye


When we buy a new computer, its speed is very fast, but as we use it, its performance and speed slowly slows down. But some people format it to increase computer speed, due to which their personal data or files are also deleted. But do you know that without formatting the computer, you can increase the speed as before.

Today, in this article, we will tell you how to increase the speed of computer… For this we will tell you some great tips which you can follow and make your computer as fast as possible.

Computer Ka Speed ​​Kaise Badhaye

If your computer is also slow, then you can increase your computer speed without formatting your system. For this, you have to make some settings in your computer. So let’s now know how to increase computer speed

1. Choose the correct System Performance

If the computer becomes slow, choose the correct system performance in your computer. Performance option is there in computer system. For this you are the first Control Panel >> System and Security >> System >> Advance System Settings Go to Here you can click on setting in the box with performance Adjust for Best Performance Select the option and click on the Apply button.

2. Empty C Drive

If the space gets filled in your computer’s C Drive, then the system becomes slow. The software required by the system is stored in the computer C drive. But winning your C drive will be empty, your computer will run just as fast and smooth. So you should not keep any kind of video, song or any big size data in the C drive.

3. Clean up Disk

If your computer is slowed, unnecessary files get collected in your computer. So, you can delete these files with the help of disk cleanup. For this, you go to My Computer and right-click on the C drive and select the Properties option. After that you click on disk cleanup.

4. Delete Temps and Prefetch Files

There are many such files in the computer which if you do not delete from time to time, then your computer slows down. When the Temp and Prefetch Files files get stored in your system then your computer becomes slow.

  • To delete Temp files, press the Windows key + R button in the keyboard. Now a popup box will open in which you type by typing% temp% and press the enter button. Now a folder will open. Select and delete all files.
  • Then press the Windows key + R button in the keyboard again and press the inter button by typing temp and delete all the files.
  • After that again press the Windows key + R button and write the prefetch and press the enter button and delete all the files.

After that you go to the Recycle Bin folder and select all the stored files and delete them.

5. Keep the Recycle Bin folder empty

Always keep the recycle bin folder of the computer empty. Often people delete any file in their computer, then it gets stored in the Recycle Bin folder. So you need to delete all the files stored in the Recycle Bin to increase computer speed.

6. Uninstall the Start-Up Program

Start up program is the system of the computer which after running the computer automatically starts running in automatic background like Analog Clock, Screen News Feed, G-Talk, Skype, Bit Torrent etc. which makes the computer slow.

To uninstall the start up program you press the Windows key + R button in the computer keyboard. Now a popup box will open in which you msconfig Type and click on ok. Now click on the start up tab. From here, remove whatever start up program you want to uninstall from the list.

7. Use Register Antivirus

Often people install free antivirus in their computer to remove the virus from their computer, which makes their system even more slow. If you want to use Antivirus then you should always use Antivirus with license key.

Last thought

We hope that you would have liked our information on how to increase the speed of computer. If your computer is also slowed down, then you follow all the steps mentioned above, so that your computer will start running again.

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