Free Fire Rank Season 24 Rewards FF New Rank Redeem Code

New Free Fire Rank Season 24 Out today. Last FF rank to end on 22-10-2021. Now redeem your FF Code. Check how to reset your rank at Free Fire Rank Season 24 Rewards starts Friday. Free Pass for FF New Season 24 Rank and Rewards. After PubG was banned, the game that kept lakhs of students busy in this pandemic was the FREE FIRE. Moreover as the schools are currently going online, thus playing the game was quite easy for them. Like the PubG, even the free fire is giving their players the chance talking while playing. Thus what else the students need more?

FF Season 24 Rank

Free Fire is indeed a very popular online game amongst the youngsters nowadays. They are always eager for the upcoming season which brings great surprises with it. Thus, this year too Free Fire Rank Season 24 is not going to disappoint their players. Now here, we will talk about the upcoming FF ranked season 24. Also how to increase your rank in the new season and much more. Check this article, and put your thoughts in the comments below. Do write what s your current FF season 21 rank below.

Free Fire Rank Season 242 Rewards

The final date for Gareena Free Fire Season 24 is today that is on 22-10-2021. Thus, with this the Elite Pass for this new season is out for pre ordering now. Currently in Free fire, the Ranked Season 21 is going on which is going to end today. Further with the end of season 21 on Friday, we have the onset of Season 24, the same day.

Indeed a great news for the players in the town. However, like other seasons, this season 24 is also expected to last for about 2 months. Also, with the start of the new season, the players this time will have the option of increasing their ranks to a greater extent. This is also because, if you see that as the game starts fresh, the competition is quite low. therefore, you have a good chance of performing well and ranking ahead in the list.

FF Season 24 Rank Reset Rewards

Like always, once the FF season21 ends, the rank of the players hence will reset for the next season. However, if you this, it is nothing but the rank drop. Because the player with Diamond Rank will start with the Season 24 with Gold rank. Similarly others rank will go one rank down.

Let us have a look at the following rank transition for the Free Fire Rank Season 24:-

FF Season 24 Rank Rank reset in Season 24
A. Heroic Rank Gold Rank (II)
B. Diamond Rank (I to IV) Gold Rank (I)
C. Platinum Rank (I to IV) Silver Rank (II)
D. Gold Rank (I to IV) Silver Rank (I)
E. Silver Rank (I to III) Bronze Rank (II)
F. Bronze Rank (Ito III) Bronze Rank (I)

Also, note that the Rank earned by the players in the FF Season 21 is useful in earning rewards. Thus the more the rank, more will be your Free Fire Rank Season 24 Rewards. Hence, keep trying to maintain your rank in the game to get exciting rewards.

FF Rank Reward Season 24 Free Pass here:

Gareena Free Fire monthly releases the Elite Passes for its players. This is actually a sort of Tier based rewarding system to get the players going in the new season as well. Marketing tricks you can say! Moreover, as the current FF Ranked -season is expiring on 1st July . Thus, the elite passes for the same will end a a day before. That is on 30th June,2021.

Thus the pre- ordering for the Season 38 of FREE FIRE is now active. However, you must see that the players will have to spent their precious earned 999 Diamonds to pre order your elite pass. Yes you heard that right!. And with this, you will then get exclusive weapons, and badges as well and many more.

Remember, although you can pre- order the elite pass, but you can only redeem it on the day of start of the FF new Ranked season 24. That is on 01st July 2021.

Gareena FF Diamonds Season 24

Now you can redeem the codes of free pass for Free Fire Season38. These are present at the redemption site of the Gareena Free Fire game. Hence, now the players can get themselves exciting Free Fire Rank Season 24 Rewards without spending a penny. Yes! that is what Redeem Codes are for. But, you must see that, these codes are valid for a day or max two. Therefore you need to apply the voucher as early as possible to miss out nay chance of loosing free rewards.

FF Redeem Code for Season 38 : WLSGJXS5KFYR

However this is only valid upto 11:59 pm on 25th June 2021. Thus this clearly means that it will be inactive the next day and you can no longer avail the benefit of the code. Hence early bird gets the chance!

Now Get Redeem Code For FF Season 24 Reward @

With the steps provided, even you can get the Redeem code directly. Check it out next:-

  • Firstly, enter the Free Fire website fro redemption codes at
  • Second step is to login with your active linked accounts in Free Fire.
  • Next, you now fill the Redeem Code in the given space and tap “Enter”.
  • Later, open the FF application and reach the game mail section.
  • Lastly search the mail from which you can now claim your Free Fire Rank Season 24 Rewards finally.

Free Pass Rewards for FF Season 24

Many of you must be worried as you can not purchase the Elite pass for the next season. But then, we always have a backup for that also. Yes, you can have the Free Pass. However, the only difference will be less no. of awards and badges. But it is okay, incase you don’t have enough diamonds to get your elite pass. Then I am sure with less Free Fire Rank Season 24 Rewards, this will surely work for you. Let us see what you will get :-

FP (Free Pass) Rewards No. of Badges
A. Avatar- Bounty Boss 5 no’s
B. Most Wanted Tshirt 100 no’s
C. Bounty Banner 150 no’s
D. Guns- Hire Backpack 40 no’s
E. Guns – Hire Tshirt 200 no’s

The more you progress in season each day, you will get the rewards accordingly.

Links For FF Season 24 Rewards

Free Fire Redeem Code Today

Official Website:

FAQ’s on FF Ranked Season 24

How to make payments for getting the Elite pass and the rewards?

Well you can directly make the payment from the app itself online. All the payment options are there, thus select the one suitable for you.

For how long FF season 24 will be there?

It will last for 2 months like other seasons.

What is the time for Season 24 start?

It will start from 12:20 pm on Friday that is 22-10-2021.

Will I get rewards too for my previous rank?

yes starting from 1000 gold coins for the Bronze rank holders to 5000 coins for the Heroic rank. You will get awarded for sure. Enjoy!

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