happy holi wishes in kannada

Happy Holi Wishes in Kannada, Holi, the festival of colors is a huge day for people in Karnataka and the rest of India. The festival of color is celebrated so grandly that everyone is busy celebrating with colors of their love. This year’s festival will be celebrated on Sunday, 28 March 2021 – Monday, 29 March by the Kannada people, the rest of India, and the world. Kannada people across the world celebrate this sacred festival. We have decided and made it easy to wish your family and friends easily. We collected a list of wishes of Holi the Kannada Language.

happy holi images in kannada
Happy Holi Images in Kannada

Adr̥ṣṭa nim’madāgali, śubhāśaya nannadāgirali. Nim’ma badukinalli olavina raṅgērali, baduku baṅgāravāgali, hyāpi hōḷi

happy holi quotes in kannada
Happy Holi Quotes in Kannada

Bakeṭ‌nalli raṅgu tumbida nīru, hōḷiya raṅgēralu baṇṇa tumbida balūnugaḷu, bāyiya savi heccisalu tinisugaḷu ivellā hōḷiya sambhrama heccisali. Nimage hāgū nim’ma kuṭumbakke hōḷi habbada śubhāśayagaḷu

happy holi wishes kannada
Happy Holi Wishes Kannada

Ī hōḷige ninna mukhakke nānu haccuva ī baṇṇadante ninna baduku kūḍa kalar‌phul āgirali endu āśisuttēne, hyāpi hōḷi….

happy holi wishes 2021 kannada
Happy Holi Wishes 2021 Kannada

Ondu sundara bāndhavya hēḷalu padagaḷu bēkāgilla, tuṭiyalli nage, kaṇṇugaḷalli hoḷapu aṣṭē sāku bhāvanegaḷannu vyaktapaḍisalu, baṇṇada ōkuḷi nim’ma badukinalliyū raṅgērali. Hōḷi habbada śubhāśayagaḷu

happy holi quotes in kannada 2021
Happy Holi Quotes in Kannada 2021

Adr̥ṣṭada dēvaru nim’ma badukinalli sundaravāda baṇṇagaḷa cittāra bareyili, ī hōḷi nimagū, nim’ma kuṭumbakkū harṣavannu tumbali, hyāpi hōḷi

happy holi images in kannada 2021
Happy Holi Images in Kannada 2021

Nim’ma prītiya bhāvaneyannu hōḷi baṇṇada mūlaka vyaktapaḍisuva samaya bandide, ōkuḷiya raṅginante baduku varṇamayavāgirali. Hyāpi hōḷi…

holi Status In Kannada
holi Status In Kannada

Ī hōḷi nim’ma hāgū kuṭumbadavara badukinalli raṅgu tumbali….Ellarigū hōḷi habbada śubhāśayagaḷu.

holi Status In Kannada 2021
Holi Status In Kannada 2021

Hōḷi ennuvudu khuṣige baṇṇa tumbuva habba. Ī hōḷi nim’ma badukinalli khuṣi nem’madi tarali.

happy holi wishes in kannada 2021
Happy Holi Wishes in Kannada 2021

Santōṣa ennuvudu badukinalli iralēbēkāda baṇṇa, ī baṇṇa nim’ma badukinalli endendū māsadirali endu āśisuttēne… Hōḷi habbada śubhāśayagaḷu.

kannada holi wishes
kannada holi wishes

Nanage ī hōḷige heccēnu bēkāgilla, nanage bēkāgiruvudu nim’ma khuṣi aṣṭē, hōḷi habbada śubhāśayagaḷu.

Kannada holi Status
Kannada Holi Status

Nanage sādhyavāgiddare kāmana billannu hiḍidu nimage kaḷuhisuttidde, ādarēnu hōḷiya baṇṇa kaḷuhisuttiddēne, adu nim’ma badukinalli kāmana billina prakāśa bīrali endu āśisuttēne. Hyāpi hōḷi.

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