How to Enable Lazy Load for Images in WordPress


Do you want to set up lazy load images in your WordPress site? When you use the lazy load plugin, your image loading will load only when a user scrolls down your page.

The main reason for using it is that it greatly improves the loading speed of any website. Here is an Ultimate Guide – How to Increase WordPress Website Loading Speed

In this article, I will tell you how to enable Lazy Load for Images in WordPress site.

Why should I use Lazy Load Images in WordPress?

No visitor or reader likes slow websites. He immediately exits the website. Due to which there is a negative effect on website SEO and the bounce rate of your site increases.

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Images take longer to load than anything else. And if you use a lot of images in your article, then it can spoil your page load time.

In this case, you can set lazy load for your site’s images and boost website loading speed.

How does Lazy Load work for Images?

Instead of loading all your images at once, in lazy loading only those images are loaded which are visible on the user’s screen. That is, when a user scrolls down your website page, then the images of the website will be loaded.

How to Enable Lazy Load for Images in WordPress

Here I will tell you about 4 plugins for Image. Lazy Load Enable Helps to:

  • Autoptimize
  • Jetpack
  • WP Rocket
  • BJ Lazy Load

Setting up Lazy Load Using Autoptimize

Autoptimize is a speed booster plugin. Its main goal is to improve page load speed by compressing the website’s CSS and Javascript files. Also it optimizes HTML files.

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To enable Lazy Load Settings >> Autoptimize Click on Then by going to the Image section “Lazy-load images?” check the box.

Lazy Load Setup Using Jetpack

If you are already using Jetpack plugin on your site, then you will not need to install lazy load plugin separately.

just you Jetpack >> Settings >> Performance and click on “Performance & Speed” in section “Enable Lazy Loading for images” The option has to be enabled.

Using WP Rocket Lazy Load to setup

WP Rocket is a very good WordPress cache plugin. It has many optimization features including Image lazy load. If you are using WP Rocket plugin on your site, then you can add lazy load to Image.

To enable Image lazy loading, you just need to check a few boxes. You can also enable lazy loading for videos, which will improve the speed of your website.

BJ Lazy Load by using Lazy Load to setup

First of all on your site BJ Lazy Load The plugin has to be installed and activated. The plugin hasn’t been updated for two years. But still works perfect.

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After activating the plugin, you Settings >> BJ Lazy Load have to click on. As you can see in the screenshot.

you lazy load content, text widgets, post thumbnails, gravatars, images, and iframes Can apply on

There is also an option to show low resolution version images in this plugin. To use this feature, you need to regenerate the image sizes. I don’t recommend it.

last thought

If you are using Jetpack and Autoptimize plugins on your site, I would recommend you to setup Lazy Load for Images using one of these plugins.

BJ Lazy Load is not updated for 4 years. So it can weaken your site security. Here is a guide – WordPress Website Secure Kaise Kare

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