Free Fire Advance Server OB35 Activation Code


FF Advance Server Code – How To Get Free Fire Advance Server Server OB35 Activation code: Free Fire Advance Servers have always been popular with Free Fire players because they give a glimpse of the features that may be coming in the next update. Although Free Fire Advance Server is only available to a small number of players, it has always been a source of excitement for gamers.

You can not only have a live experience with Advance Servergamers, but you can also provide feedback on any changes to the game before it is actually released. Garena just released the last update a few weeks back, and rumors about the next Free Fire Advanced Server upgrade are already starting to spread.

FF Advance Code: How to Get a Free Fire Advance Server OB35 Activation code

Fire Advance Server OB35

Free Fire Advance Server allows players to try out new features before the official release.

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Game Company

Game Title
Free Fire Advance Server


Fire Advance Server OB35

APK File Title
Fire Advance Server OB34 Free APK

FF Advanced Server
7th July 2022

FF Advanced Web Server Close
13th July 2022

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Fire Advance Server Activation Code
FF Advance server activation code available on 7th July 2022Get free Fire Advance Server O35 Activation code

Official website


FF AdvanceServer Download APK File

Many previous updates were published around two weeks prior to the actual patch. According to community estimates they will likely go live between July 7th- July 14th.

The Freefire OB35 update will be available on July 22, just before Clash Squad closes its ranks season.

Additionally, FF Advance Server is only for testing purposes, so any progress or cached data is not transferred to the server. This does not affect the global version. Samsung Galaxy A53 5G Renders Leaked Ahead of March 17 Launch

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Although anyone can download the FF Advance Server app, only those who have an activation code will get it. Registering is the only way to get access to the Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code. Even then, it’s not guaranteed.

How to get a free Fire Advance Server OB35 activation code

To receive the Fire Advance Server Activation code, you must register.

Step 1: After you have registered, visit the Advance Server website.

Step 2: Sign in with Facebook or Google to create your profile and fill in any other details.

A Free FireAdvance Server Activation code will be sent to the player who is selected. Gamers can access the Free Fire Advance Server APK once the download begins by signing in using the same ID.


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