How to Get Free Gloo wall Skin in Free Fire MAX


How to Get Free Gloo wall skin in Free Fire MAX: The Top Up events in Free Fire and Free Fire Max provide players with free rewards after purchasing Diamonds. Hence, mobile gamers often opt for the top-up event to get free in-game accessories.

The BTS-themed event (GEN FF) battle royale that started on 25 March 2022 has been a huge hit among gamers. And now another new event has been released.

Free Fire Max BTS Top Up: How to Get Free Gloo wall skin in Free Fire MAX

The second version of the BTS Top Up event was introduced on 2 April 2022 and will end on 7 April 2022. The first version of BTS Top Up ended on 1 April 2022, and offered players’ motorbikes – Soldier’s Nightmare’ vehicle skins, and ‘Winner Throws’ are awarded upon the purchase of 100 and 300 diamonds, respectively.

Through the latest BTS Top Up in Free Fire Max, players can claim two rewards, which are as follows:-

  • True Charm Loot Box
  • Gloo wall – Deceptive Fearless

Players must buy 100 diamonds to claim the new loot box and 500 Diamonds to gain the Glue Wall skin.

How to Get Free Rewards from Top Up events in Free Fire Max

Step 1 – Players have to open the Free Fire or Free Fire Max game and then tap on the Events icon.

Step 2 – Then they have to go to GEN FF tab and select the BTS Top Up II option.

Step 3 – Once they tap on 100 Diamonds or 500 Diamonds next to Reward, they will be redirected to Diamond Top Up Page.

Step 4 – Players can buy Diamonds worth INR 400 to claim both the prizes.


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