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Today we will talk about Anganwadi, what is it and how to get a job in it and what facilities are provided through Anganwadi, who gets the benefit, today we will discuss important things related to Anganwadi through this article with you. request

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What is Anganwadi

Anganwadi means “courtyard” i.e. center of care for mother and child in India. This scheme is being run by the Ministry of Child Development to tackle hunger and malnutrition in rural areas of India. Anganwadi center also provides complete health care in the village. It is also an important part of the public health care system.

Various activities in the village like contraceptive counseling of women, nutrition related, education, early education of children and important information related to women’s care you can take from Anganwadi center Anganwadi was started in India from 1975, present time Anganwadi The center is being run by the Government of India in almost all the states and the state government is also playing a role in this.

These Anganwadi centers provide supplementary nutrition, non-pre-primary education, nutrition and health education, immunization, health check up and subsequent referral services. The three services are provided in conjunction with public health systems.

Bihar Child Food Online Form

ICDS Bihar
ICDS Bihar

ICDS Bihar Overview

Department Name Women Child Development Department
Scheme Status Active
Country India
Updated 01/14/2021
State Website http://www.icdsbih.gov.in
Official Website https://wcd.nic.in
Scheme Type Government
Type Education

ICDS Payment Status

Anganwadi workers have been very much discussed about their salary from time to time, in view of this, on behalf of the government, the Anganwadi workers continue to increase the salary received by the central government, like earlier 3000 workers were getting which was now increased to 45. So those who used to get 25 rupees have started getting 35 rupees now Anganwadi helpers have also started getting 25 rupees instead of 15 rupees, in this way payments are given to Anganwadi workers on such a day.

Jobs in ICDS Bihar

ICDS Bihar Applications are invited by the government to women to do jobs in Anganwadi, this application is almost available online on the official website of the district. Application forms to work in Anganwadi are filled online only if there is already an Anganwadi center in any ward. are running and helper worker is already working in that Anganwadi

So no member of that ward can apply for the ward in which the assistant is there, applications are taken for the same ward, it has often been seen that application forms for assistance are invited online on the website of the district and after the marksheet and interview. Selection is done on the basis of this, only female candidates are eligible, for male candidates are not given to apply.

Bihar Anganwadi Work in ICDS

Work of Anganwadi Worker

Anganwadi There are many types of posts in Jai to worker, supervisor, assistant, and many other types of posts, today we will tell you these anganwadi worker The main tasks are, he gives medicines to the pregnant women of the village and also takes care of those women at the time of delivery, for this he also gives a separate grant from the department for the care of newborns and nursing mothers admitted in the hospital. for vaccination of children below 6 years of age Anganwadi workers work

worker’s responsibility

The main responsibility of the activists is that they collect the activity of school children through surveys, especially pregnant women, make them aware about breastfeeding and health and nutrition education and give information related to it as well as family planning. Provides workers with information on what needs to be improved to provide health and nutrition education to such mothers Maintains all kinds of data Helps educate parents Identify disabilities in children Its main The work is there and educating the parents under the Kishori Shakti Yojana is the main task of the child development project.


whatever anganwadi center To supervise those Anganwadi centers, it is the job of a sevika to monitor about 40 to 30 Anganwadi centers under the supervision of a sevika. It is going on from who does not take care of whom such as keeping a truck to benefit from low economic status, assessment of weight of young children belonging to malnourished class and how to increase weight, care of malnourished children from health and nutrition education to mothers What should be improved and and Anganwadi Collecting the resentment of the workers, the Sevika Child Development Project Officer gives this information to the CDPO.

ICDS Bihar Latest Update

Bihar ICDS Department today we will tell you how you can apply online for the money being given to the children in the Anganwadi centers by sitting at home, how to get the money in the hands of the children of the children, as you know since the coronavirus all the institutions, colleges, public places and colleges. Others are closed due to this, but whatever money the government has made for nutrition or was being spent on children at Anganwadi centers, their money will now be sent to the account of the children or their parents, for which applications have to be made. are still down

Apply Online ICDS Bihar

  • To apply online, visit the website http://www.icdsbih.gov.in/
  • After opening the Social Welfare Department Bihar Angan website, read the correct guidelines carefully like
  • In view of the infection of coronavirus to the beneficiaries already registered in the Anganwadi under Bihar, in place of hot cooked food and THR given through Anganwadi, the equivalent amount will be paid directly in the bank account.
  • Click on Online Registration
icds bihar 2021 online form
icds Bihar 2021 online form

for payment to bank account

In view of the infection of Corona Virus, hot cooked food given through Anganwadi and equivalent amount directly in place of THR

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