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Today we will tell you all the information related to the Kanyadan scheme from the Labor Department, friends are requested to you, if there is any kind of error in this article, then definitely tell us the Chief Minister Social Security Scheme by the Haryana Government. In this article, we will tell about Kanyadan Yojana and various other types of schemes, so you read this article completely, here I am the first Haryana labour Department We will talk about all the schemes that are being operated and giving information related to the scheme, after that we will tell you about the services available in the Labor Department of different states.

Labor Department – Kanyadan Yojana – Labor Department

Kanyadaan Scheme Under this scheme, financial assistance of ₹ 50000 is given by the board for the marriage of the daughter of the registered laborers, but for this it is very necessary to apply online to the beneficiary separately without applying for this scheme. ₹ 51000 on the marriage of the daughter of registered laborers and ₹ 50000 on the marriage of children, a total of ₹ 101000 assistance is provided.

Majdoor Registration

Department Labour Department Haryana
Update 01/01/2021
Status Active
State Haryana
Official Website

Eligibility for this scheme

  • Registered worker must be a member for 1 year
  • Maximum 3 can apply
  • The benefit of this scheme is for all the registered workers of Haryana.
  • The benefit of this plan continues even after death

The objective of the Scheme-Labour Department

  1. The main objective of the scheme is that on the marriage of registered laborers, ₹ 51000 financial assistance and
  2. This assistance amount is given only till the marriage of three girls registered.
  3. If more than three girls marry, they are not given the benefit under this scheme.
  4. The following conditions are necessary to get benefits under this scheme
  5. Like the worker should be a regular registered member of 1 year
  6. All marriage documents should be submitted after one year of marriage
  7. It is mandatory to submit the marriage certificate, registration form
  8. And self declaration form has to be submitted by the applicant
  9. Minimum age of girl is 18 years and minimum age of boy is 21 years

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Financial Assistance for Education

Assistance for education Under this scheme, children of registered laborers are provided annual assistance from ₹ 8000 to ₹ 20000 from first class to diploma degree, graduation and post-graduation etc. and various contributions are given under the scholarship scheme. like

  • Primary education from 1st class to 8th class ₹8000 and
  • ₹ 10000 per year for secondary education from class IX to class XII and
  • ₹ 15000 for higher education like from the first year to the final year of the bachelor’s degree and
  • Those who take admission for master’s degree, from the first year to the last year ₹ 20000 per annum assistance amount is given for financial aid education for the children of labor workers.

To get financial assistance, the following conditions must be met:

  • Registered labor should be a member of Labor Department regularly for 1 year and
  • The boy/girl of the laborer should continue to study regularly in the school or institution.
  • Only those students who belong to Haryana state are studying in any institution or school/college will be eligible for this financial assistance.
  • Aid for education is mandatory only up to a maximum of two children of labor workers.
  • But not seeing the order of the children will die up to three girls.
  • If the children of the laborers take help for the same class again in the event of failure of the student, then they will not be given
  • Children of labor labor, if someone does a job or does some employment, then they are not given benefits under this scheme.


  • Membership Years / Membership Years : 1
  • Apply Frequency / Limit of Application : 3
  • Scheme For / For this scheme : All
  • Continue After Death
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  2. Delhi labour card

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Widow Pension-Labour Department

On behalf of the Haryana Labor Department, after the death of the laborers or the husband of the workers, assistance is given to the wife of the worker in the form of widow pension of ₹ 2000 per month. The necessary eligibility for taking widow pension is as follows and its merit

If the widows fulfill any of the following conditions then they are not given the benefit for this scheme like:

  • If the widow is employed by the Haryana State Government or Board or Corporation, in case of remarriage of the widow, if the widow is getting similar benefits from any other government department, or
  • If the widow is residing in another state
  • or details of identity card verification or contribution deposit

Eligibility- Qualifications

  • It is necessary to be a member for 1 year
  • Application should be made within 1 year
  • The benefit of this scheme is not given to the beneficiary after death.

Financial Assistance for Coaching Classes: Financial Assistance for Coaching Classes

₹ 20000 for coaching classes for the children of registered workers or degree in technical course etc., medical engineering management, MCA etc. and for the preparation of UPSC HPSC Preliminary examination on behalf of the Labor Department. ₹ 100000 is provided to the children of

It is necessary to have the following for the assistance amount like- Labor Department

  • Must be registered
  • The son or daughter of the Labor Register is living in the coaching classes for this is studying in the coaching institute
  • It is mandatory to upload the certificate of coaching or institute there.
  • This amount is given as assistance till two children.
  • If they fail in any examination, they are not given this amount again.

Eligibility for this – Labor Department

  • Registered worker is required to have 1 year membership
  • Applications can be made up to three
  • The benefit of this scheme will be available to all who are registered in the Haryana Labor Department.
  • Even after death, the children of the registered beneficiary under this scheme will continue to get this benefit.


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Maternity Benefits-Labour Department

Under this scheme, financial assistance for ₹ 30000 maternity and ₹ 6000 nutritious food is given after the birth of children, the benefit of this scheme is provided after the birth of children of the wife of workers registered in the Labor Department, Haryana. Is

The scheme has the following conditions such as

  • Registered women workers must have regular membership of 1 year
  • It is very important to upload or attach the birth certificate after the birth of the children.
  • Maternity benefit is given up to a maximum of two children
  • Up to three children are given in case of girls
  • It is mandatory to submit the application form to the competent authority.
  • It is necessary that the husband is not taking it by any department, in that case

Biliary Benefits

Paternity benefit means that after the death of her husband, financial assistance up to ₹ 15000 for the care of the newborn child and ₹ 6000 assistance for nutritious food for the wife of the registered worker, then in total ₹ 21000 is the paternity benefit. is given in the form of

In order to get the benefit, the following conditions are necessary:

  • Registered worker should be a regular member for 1 year
  • Paternity Benefit is given up to two children but up to three girls if children do not follow the sequence
  • Birth certificate verification is necessary after the birth of children
  • It is necessary to submit with all the documents to the competent authority within a period of 1 year of delivery
  • If the wife is not taking maternity benefits from any department or from the board / corporation, then paternity benefits will not be given.

Gratuity for Purchasing a Tool Kit

Objective of the Scheme

Under this scheme, a grant of Rs.8000/- is given to the registered construction workers for buying new tools once in 5 years.

condition of profit

  • One year regular membership of registered worker.
  • Promise giving list of tools with price, source and date.
  • This assistance will be payable to the registered worker once in five years and maximum five times during the tenure.


  • Membership Years: 1
  • Apply Frequency: 1
  • Scheme For: All
  • Continue After Death: No

Cycle Planning – Labor Department

The worker who is registered as a labor worker in the Labor Department and wants to buy a cycle, then on submitting the receipt of the cycle, he is given ₹ 3000 as assistance under the cycle scheme.

The following condition is required

  • Registered worker should be a regular working laborer for 1 year
  • You will have to provide documents and declaration form for purchase of bicycle stating the price trademarkia start and date or
  • Assistance is given to the registered worker once in 5 years and maximum 5 times during the tenure.
  • The maximum amount for this is ₹3000
  • Eligibility for this is same as above eligibility

Haryana Labour Department Important Schemes for Registee Labours

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