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CM Kanya Vivah Yojana Under this scheme, assistance is provided in marriage, today we will tell you the complete information about how you are the Chief Minister. Kanya Vivah Yojana What are the valid documents you should have to apply for

andif CM applies for girl marriage So, you will get to see the complete information about how much amount is provided to you in this article. The following schemes related to marriage are being implemented in Madhya Pradesh.

kanya vivah yojana

Chief Minister Marriage Plan Madhya Pradesh Mainly in Madhya Pradesh you can apply for the following marriage scheme like:

  1. Chief Minister Girl Guardian Pension Scheme
  2. Chief Minister Kanya Vivah / Nikah Scheme
  3. Chief Minister Kalyani marriage assistance scheme
  4. then chief minister Kanya Vivah Yojana
  5. interracial marriage plan For all these, you can see the process of applying and information related to these marriage plans below.

Chief Minister Girl Guardian Scheme

MP kanya dan yojana

Mukhyamantri Kanya Parvatkar Yojna Under this scheme, assistance is provided during marriage, how you have to apply and how will you get the help.

how to apply

Application in the prescribed format by the applicant along with the necessary documents for the scheme to the office of the designated officer or the Gram Panchayat or in public service center can be deposited.

Chief Minister Girl Guardian Scheme To apply you can apply online or offline if you want to apply online then by the applicant pension portal If you want to apply offline then you can apply offline by visiting the office

To apply offline, you can submit the above documents along with the application by Janpad Panchayat or Gram Panchayat or Urban Body Ward Office after checking the application.

Where to deposit: The pension portal (http://pensions.samagra.gov.in) will be done online by the Janpad Panchayat / Gram Panchayat / Urban Body / Ward Office.

  • On completing the offline application, acknowledgment will be given to the applicant by the office.

Important Documents While Applying for Marriage Scheme

Kanya Vivah Yojana for the following documents It is necessary that in the state you are in, like if you are reading about Madhya Pradesh Kanya Vivah Yojana (Virgin Vivah Yojana), then you have any one of the couple.The minimum age of one is 60 years 2.The couple should have only daughter as only child 3.The couple is not an income tax payer 4.And he should be a native of Madhya Pradesh

when does the money arrive in the bank

when you chief minister parenting plan If you apply for it, then after investigation, if your application is found to be completely correct, then your application is approved as per rules.

And Pension Sanction When the name of the beneficiary is added to the pension sponsorship in the appropriate month by the Janpad Panchayat or the Gram Panchayat, the urban body, the ward office, after that by the operator. single click Through you every month from the said month Money is sent directly to your beneficiary bank savings account In this way Girl parents can take advantage of the scheme

Kanya Vivah Yojana or Nikah Scheme

kanya vivah yojana

Chief Minister Kanya Vivah Yojana For this plan you have same terms and conditions as before but in this the bride and groom come and in the earlier one there was guardian scheme Kanya Vivah Yojana / Nikah scheme under it like The bride and groom have to register the body you are residing in for registration as you of the respective place must be a native The body under which you want to participate in the mass marriage program, by organizing the mass marriage program You have to register 15 days in advance

Important Documents Kanya Vihaan Yojana

  • You must have a birth certificate to apply (Age Certificate) It is necessary to have relevant documents for both Bride and groom and other residential certificates as required
  • Application Validation Application On applying Kanya Vivah Yojana, all the documents are checked, after checking if you are based on the parameters group marriage if you participate in the program After getting married after getting married you Appropriate amount is provided in the savings account of the bank

Kanya Vivah Yojana Mukhyamantri Kalyani Vivah Sahayata Yojana

Chief Minister Kalyani Marriage Scheme Under this scheme, there is no bond to marry in a group, you can also marry separately, it is also valid. Chief Minister Kalyani Marriage Scheme To take advantage of the marriage you have to Must apply before 1 year Only then you are provided the assistance amount, after 1 year your application will be rejected if you Chief Minister Kalyani Marriage If you apply for this then see below the procedure for this

  • application form that District Collector, Joint / Deputy Director, It has to be submitted along with necessary documents in the office of Social Justice and Disabled Public Welfare from where the marriage certificate has been issued.

Chief Minister Welfare ( Kanya Vivah Yojana)

To take advantage of this scheme, it is necessary to follow the following

  • Like Kalyani, she is Kalyani’s husband, a native of Madhya Pradesh, at the time of marriage. The minimum age should be 18 years or more, the age of the colony’s husband is 21 years Or more than that, Kalyani government employees are not getting family pension, under this scheme, there is no bond of BPL, even if in BPL, you can take benefit of Kalyani scheme from the person from whom is married The person should not have a living wife before To get the benefit of Kalyani Vivah Sahayata Yojana, other marriage schemes run by the department like Chief Minister Kanya Vivah Yojana and Disabled Marriage Pro.Have not availed the benefit of the subsidy scheme

Has not participated in the mass marriage of Mukhyamantri Kanya Vivah Yojana and has not taken advantage of it if Kalyani is handicapped, Kalyani’s husband is handicapped or If both the couple are handicapped, then in this situation only the benefit of Kalyani marriage assistance will be given.

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