Krishi Yantrikarna Yojana Online Agriculture Mechanization How To Apply Online

  • Under this scheme, grants are given on 33 types of machines.
  • The last date for application for grant on machines is till 15 January 2021.
  • Farmers who want to apply can apply online by visiting this website for their convenience, after January 15, the application will not be accepted.

Krishi Yantrikarna Yojana Online Friends, today we will tell you that if you want to take any machine for doing agriculture, then before taking it, you must take a look at the agricultural mechanization scheme being run by the Bihar government, because here you will be given a good subsidy on taking any agricultural machine. Let us tell you how the agricultural machine for which you will apply online through the Agricultural Mechanization Scheme, how can it be done, what is the process of applying, we will discuss all the information in a complete way here, if you are reading this article then definitely will share with your friends

Agricultural Mechanization Scheme Online Application 2021

Apply date is Opened From 01/01/2021 to 15/01/2021
Permit Date is Opened From 01/01/2021 to 21/01/2021
Updated 01/12/2021

Krishi Yantrikarna Yojana Online This information is being run by the Government of Bihar, the official website is also available on the Department of Agriculture, after visiting the website, you will have to click on the Agricultural Mechanization Scheme online application, as soon as you click on the link, the official web portal of the religious will open where you will find agriculture. Mechanization: 10% additional grant is given by the Bihar State Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers on the listed machines and online application can see the photo of agricultural machinery and other information.

How To Apply Agriculture Mechanization Online (Krishi Yantrikarna Yojana Online)

Bihar Agricultural Mechanization Scheme Under the online application is being done till 15 January 2021, which is a farmer farmer. farm machinery If you want to apply online as soon as possible, the process of applying online is shown below. First of all, by visiting the official website of the Department of Agriculture, you must get the farmer registered, without the registration of the farmer, you cannot apply under the Agricultural Mechanization Scheme.

If you have not registered farmer then do it from here

  • To apply online visit this website
  • Click on “Farmer Application” in the menu bar and select “Apply to get subsidy click on
  • Click on “Application Entry”
  • Enter your farmer registration number

Steps 1 Go to this Site

Krishi Yantrikarna Yojana Online

Step 2 Click on Menu Bar ”Framer Application”. then Click ”Application Entry”

Step 3 Enter ”Farmer Registration” Number

Krishi Yantrikarna Yojana Online

Check Your Ration Card Status From Here

FAQ’s on Krishi Yantrikaran Yojana

How to see Application Status Agriculture Mechanization Bihar?

To see the application status of farmers registered in Bihar Agricultural Mechanization Scheme, by visiting this website, click on Check Application Status in the Farmer Application menu, enter your reference number and click on the Proceed button to see the status of the application.

How much subsidy is given in agricultural mechanization scheme?

After applying online on the official website of Agriculture Mechanization Scheme, Bihar Agriculture Department, you are given 10% discount on agricultural machinery as subsidy.

How to apply for agricultural machinery online?

To apply online, go to the official website of Agriculture Department, Government of Bihar, click on Agricultural Mechanization Scheme Online Application and fill the form following the guidelines, its information is mentioned in the above article.

Active Model List

Animal Deterrent Bio-Acoustic Equipment-Electric Operated(With Solar Panel)
Animal Deterrent Bio-Acoustic Equipment-Electric Operated(Without Solar Panel)
Boom Sprayer
Brush Cutter(3-5 BHP)
Brush Cutter(Below 3 BHP petrol driven)
Cage Wheel(one pair)
➡ Chaff Cutter(Electric motor-operated 5HP and above)
Chaff Cutter(Electric motor-operated above 3-5HP)
➡ Chaff Cutter(Engine operated 5HP and above)
Chaff Cutter(Engine operated above 3-5HP)
Chaff Cutter(Manual Heavy Duty)-3 Roller, Shaking Type
➡ Chaff Cutter(Manual)-2 Roller, Non-Shaking Type
Chaff Cutter(Power tiller/Tractor  operated below 35 HP)
➡ Chaff Cutter-Stationary Engine Operated (Upto 2 HP Electric Motor)
Chaff cutter-Stationary Engine Operated(Upto 2 HP engine)
➡ Chaff Cutter-Tractor PTO Operated(35 HP & Above)
Combine Harvester(S/P)
Combine Harvester(T/D)
Compost Spreader(40 HP & above)

  • Disc Harrow(T/D)
  • Disc Plough
  • Happy Seeder(9-11 tyne)
  • HDPE Irrigation Pipe
  • ➡ HDPE Laminated Woven Layflat Tube
  • HDPE Tarpaulin Sheet
  • High Cap.M.crop Thresher (Abv 35HP)Paddy,Maize,G.nut,etc, min 5crop atleast 1crop abv 4ton/hr cap.
  • Laser Land Leveller
  • Leveller T/D (6 Feet & Above)
  • M.B.Plough 2-3 bottom(35 HP & Above)
  • Maize Combine Harvestor(S/P)
  • Maize Dehusker-cum-Sheller(T/D)
  • Makhana Popping Machine
  • Manual Rocker Sprayer(Gator)
  • ➡ Mini Dal Mill
  • Mini Oil Mill
  • Mini Rubber Rice Mill(Above 4 Q/hr Output Capacity)-Tractor operated
  • Multi Crop Planter(Above 9 tyne)
  • 💡 Multi Crop Planter(Upto 9 tyne)
  • Multi Crop Thresher(Driven by  Power tiller/Tractor upto 35 BHP)
  • ➡ Multi Crop Thresher(Driven by Engine/Electric motor above 5 BHP)
  • Multi Crop Thresher(Driven by Engine/Electric motor below 5 BHP)
  • ➡ Multi Crop Thresher(Driven by Tractor  20-35 BHP)
  • Multi Crop Thresher(Driven by Tractor  above 35 BHP)

Krishi Yantra Model

➡ Paddy Cleaner (Manual)
Paddy Thresher(Driven by Engine/Electric motor above 5 BHP)
Paddy Thresher(Driven by Engine/Electric motor below 5 BHP)
➡ Paddy Thresher(Driven by Power tiller/Tractor up to 35 BHP)
Paddy Thresher(Driven by Tractor above 35 BHP)
➡ Paddy Transplanter(S/P) above 4-row
Paddy Transplanter(S/P) up to 4-row
Plant Protection Equip. Manual Duster
Plant Protection Equip. Manual Sprayer
Post Hole Digger
Potato Digger (Above 35 HP tractor operated)
➡ Potato Planter(Above 35 HP)
Potato Planter(Below 35 HP)
Power Duster(Battery operated)
➡ Power Duster(Engine operated)
Power Maize Sheller(Electric motor-operated)
Power Maize Sheller(T/D)
➡ Power Maize Thresher(Electric motor-operated)
Power Maize Thresher(T/D)
💡 Power Sprayer(Battery operated)
➡ Power Sprayer(Engine operated)
Power Tiller(8 Hp & Above)
Power Tiller(Below 8 Hp)
Pump Set(Electric) Up to 10 HP

Krishi Yantrikarna Yojana Online 2021 Check Model Name

Reaper cum Binder(T/D)
Reaper-cum-Binder(s/p) 3 wheel
Reaper-cum-Binder(s/p) 4 wheel
Reversible M.B.Plough(Above 35 HP)
Reversible M.B.Plough(up to 35 HP)
Rice Mill (Electric motor-operated 3 HP & above)
Rice Wheat Seeder
Rotary Mulcher (35 HP & above)
➡ Rotary Tiller(Driven by tractor 20-35 BHP)
Rotary Tiller(Driven by tractor above 35 BHP)
➡ Rotavator(Driven by Tractor 20-35 BHP)
Rotavator(Driven by Tractor above 35 BHP)

  • ➡ Seed cum Fertilizer Drill(Above 9 tyne)
  • Seed cum Fertilizer Drill(Upto 9 tyne)
  • Seed Drill (35HP & above Tractor Driven)
  • ➡ Seed-cum-fertilizer drill-5 tyne
  • Self Propelled Reaper
  • SMS (Straw Management System)
  • ➡ Straw Combine
  • Straw feeder(filling capacity 50-55 Q/h)
  • Straw Reaper
  • StrawBalerWithoutRack
  • Sub-Soiler(3 tyne)
  • Sugarcane Cutter cum Planter(Above 35 HP)
  • Sugarcane Ratoon Management Equipment (Tractor operated)
  • Super Seeder (Tractor Operated)- 6 feet
  • ➡ Super Seeder (Tractor Operated)- 7 feet
  • Super Seeder (Tractor Operated)- 8 feet

➡ Thresher(Driven by Engine/Electric motor above 5 BHP)
Thresher(Driven by Engine/Electric motor below 5 BHP)
Thresher(Driven by Power tiller/Tractor up to 35 BHP)
➡ Thresher(Driven by Tractor above 35 BHP)
Winnower (Manual)
Zero Tillage(Above 9 tyne)
Zero Tillage(up to 9 tyne)

Krishi Yantrikarna Yojana Online: Here you can see the model list available under the Agricultural Mechanization Scheme, here you are showing those agricultural mechanization models whose list is available on the official website of the Department of Agriculture, Government of Bihar, you are requested to visit the above link. You can see the current status by going to this machine whether it is available at the present time or not. you will select

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