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Labour Registration Bihar, Labour registration Bihar Labour Department Apply Online Labour Registration Here is official details How to Apply Labour Online Get Labour Card

construction work consists of unorganized workers of the following categories. Welfare schemes operated by Bihar Bhavan and other lower-class Karma Gar Kalyan Board for construction workers, their dependents.

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The following categories of unorganized workers come in construction work in the state of Bihar such as:

    1. Engaged in building construction and road construction work
    2. skilled worker masons
    3. mason’s helper
    4. carpenter
    5. Blacksmith
    6. Electrician doing electricity and allied work in IT Bhawan
    7. building and floor tiles
    8. and his assistants
    9. setter and ironworker
    10. grill and welding
    11. concrete mixer,
    12. machines and mixer carrier
    13. women workers who cement
    14. Mix wash works
    15. Roller Driver & Dam Construction
    16. in dam and building works
    17. workers operating various modern machines
    18. watchman engaged in dam construction work
    19. building water management
    20. plumber etc.
    21. Brick making and stone breaking works
    22. engaged in the construction of railways, telephones, airports etc.
    23. Workers doing forestry work under MNREGA program
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    Important Details labour Registration

    Age Qualification 18 to 60 years

    Registration Officer: – Labor President at the district level and at the block level labor enforcement officer

    Registration Fee & Contribution: – registration Fee ₹20 , Monthly Contribution 50 Lump sum at the rate of Rs.30 per month for five years i.e. ₹50 Bhuktey

    Important Document

    • Aadhar card
    • Bank photocopy of passbook
    • age certificate
    • 90 Days Work Certificate by Employment
    • manifesto
    • Two color passport size photographs

    How to Labour Registration Online (how to apply)

    For online registration, the Board’s website www. or National Portal application can be given

    Identity Card Labour Rgistration

    Identity card to the registered workers after registration Identity card will be given

    labour registration bihar online

    profit payable Eligibility Amount to be given under qualification
    for building repair Minimum three years membership 20000/-
    for bicycle purchase Minimum 1 year membership Maximum 3500 rupees on providing a receipt for purchase of a bicycle
    to purchase tools after skill training Tool trade request of maximum 15000 after training
    death benefit Membership (i) ₹ 20000 in case of normal death (ii) ₹ 40000 in case of accidental death, ₹ 100000 only in case of grant approval by Disaster Management Department
    financial benefits for cremation Membership 5000/-
    matrimony benefits Minimum 1 year membership An amount equivalent to 90 days’ wages of the minimum wages fixed by the State Government for unskilled workers on the date of delivery up to the first two deliveries.
    help for marriage Minimum 3 years membership ₹ 50000 for two adult daughters of male/female worker or for marriage of unmarried female worker at the time
    pension Minimum 5 years membership 1000 (per month after attaining the age of 60 years)
    family pension On death of pensioner 50% of pension in lump sum ₹75000
    permanent total disability Membership Lump sum ₹50000
    medical aid Membership Amount equal to Chief Minister’s Medical Assistance
    financial aid for education Minimum 1 year membership tuition fee
    cash reward Minimum 1 year membership 25000 15000 and ₹ 10000 for getting 80% or more marks in 10th and 12th examination
    annual medical aid Membership 3000/yr
    paternity medical aid Minimum 1 year membership 6000 per delivery for the first 2 deliveries of the wife

    labour registration online bihar

    Pravasi Mazdoor labour registration

    Important Link For labour Registration

    Process of seeking work under MNREGA

    The demand for work can be made on behalf of individual per family in their Gram Panchayat, application can be made on plain paper or orally.The applicant has to provide the following information to act like name of interested person, job card number duration of work applicant date The work is provided to the applicant within 15 days of applying for demand of work from

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