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What is Pension?

If we talk about pension, then it is known by the word. Pension (Give a lump sum of Rs.) Pension There are mainly three types of first civil service pension, pension run by the Employees’ Fund Organization of India and pension of the unorganized sector, which is called the National Social Assistance Pension Program, the National Social Assistance Program. (NSAP) as it is said Pension When an employee retires completely from his job

Then the government gives them a lump sum amount in the form of pension. Government (Government) stopped in 2004 AD Pension scheme (Scheme) was implemented only on government employees, all government employees were pension scheme (Scheme) completely closed from January 1, 2004. done but later 2009 The Pension Scheme (Scheme) has been opened for all the citizens of India in E. The Government of India has made a relentless effort to make Pension Bhogi Samaj through the National Pension Scheme made only for the Government employee.

pension online old age pension
pension online old age pension

What is Virdha Pension Scheme (What Is Old Pension Scheme)

Old Age Pension Scheme (Scheme) It is clear from the name of this scheme that when we become old, when we do not have enough capacity to do any work, the government is concerned about it. Old Age Pension Plan (Scheme) has been implemented so that the government gives them assistance when they get old.

Every month so that those people can run their daily needs from that pension, this pension contributes a lot in the old age stage, it has been done very well by implementing the government, let’s know and Old Age Pension About how this scheme works, when it was implemented, how much benefit is given by the government under this scheme

What does the constitution say – Any rule applies in our country, it is linked to the constitution in some way or the other, that if we talk about the Indian constitution. Article 41 Provides assistance to the public in cases of unemployment, old age, disability (disabled) illness in any state in order to increase the development of their economic capacity.

Old Age Pension Scheme (Scheme)

Old Age Pension Scheme (Scheme) This scheme is applicable in every state Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme (Scheme) is a Cow Contributory Old Age Pension Scheme (Scheme) This man NS 60 years or is older Old Age Pension Scheme (Scheme) Pension is given to them under (BPL) who lives below the poverty line Poverty line those who live below are applied for before it offline the application was

But now day by day in Digital India Online It is happening and Old Age Pension Scheme (Scheme) is also going online now. 60 years from 79 Under Old Age Pension Scheme (Scheme) to the beneficiary of the first year ₹300 ₹200 The state government used to provide but now it has been reduced to ₹ 400, after that if the beneficiary turns 80, this pension is converted into ₹ 500 and they are given ₹ 500 per month. It is requested from the side to provide additional amount to the Central Government.

विधवा (Widow) Pension योजना (Scheme) (Widow Pension Scheme)

National Widow Pension Scheme (Scheme) Indira Gandhi Widow Pension Scheme (Scheme) was started in 2009 itself, in which widows living below the poverty line are given 40 years from 60 years per beneficiary between ₹200 (Now 400) were given

but later increased ₹300 Widow Pension Scheme has been done (Scheme) was started by the Ministry of Rural Development for Widow Pension Online application Through the link given below this article, you can do online related to pension in Uttar Pradesh and all the process is online verification.

  • National Family Benefit Scheme (Scheme)
  • National Disability Pension Scheme (Scheme)
  • Laxmi Bai Social Security Pension Scheme (Scheme)

Uttar Pradesh Pension Scheme widow pension ,viddha pension, handicapped pension Plan

Old Age Pension Scheme: Scheme As we have mentioned earlier, National Old Age Pension Scheme is supported by both the Government of India and the State Government, Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme, as has been mentioned earlier, by the Social Welfare Department, assistance to the old people in the form of pension. Provides under Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme 60 years

On being or above the age of those who are included in the BPL list 2002, those old age elders are given ₹ 300 per month, the first installment is given after 6 months and after that the second installment is given after 6 months, this money is given in their bank account. Directly sent Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme From March 1, 2011, pension is given to the elderly from 60 years to 79 years in the form of ₹ 200 per month by the central government and ₹ 100 per month by the state Cool 300 / month

When the age of the beneficiary is above 80 years, it is given at the rate of ₹ 500 per month under the old age pension scheme. This scheme was implemented by the Government of India on 1 March 2011.

Selection of Beneficiaries

  • The beneficiary is selected through the Gram Panchayat in rural areas and through sub-district officers in urban areas.
  • The proposal is sent by the Gram Panchayat to the District Social Welfare Officer’s office through the Block Development Officer’s office.
  • Verification of beneficiaries is done every year in the month of May and June so that there is no mistake in the implementation of old age pension scheme.
  • The beneficiary who dies is removed from the pension list and a new beneficiary is selected in his place, apply online from here on National Old Age Pension Scheme

important papers

  • Aadhar card
  • Bank passbook
  • ID card
  • mobile number
  • color passport size photo
  • application form

Widow Pension Scheme (Widow Pension Scheme)

Widow Pension Scheme: Widow Pension Scheme In this scheme, even after the death of the husband, women can take advantage of the pension scheme, to take the benefits of widow pension scheme, following the guidelines are being followed.

  • The applicant will be eligible for the benefit of widow pension scheme, after the death of the husband, the age of the destitute woman should be between 18 to 60 years.
  • Widow woman living below poverty line
  • The destitute female child is a minor or on attaining majority she is unable to bring up her children
  • The destitute woman has not remarried nor is taking advantage of any other pension scheme.

Important Documents

  • Date of Birth Certificate
  • Identity Proof (Voter ID/Aadhar Card/Ration Card )
  • Bank Passbook
  • Income Certificate

Uploding Documents Online Form Pension Scheme

Documents आकर (Size) Format
Date of Birth Certificate 100 KB PDF
Identity Proof 100 KB PDF
Bank Passbook 100 KB PDF
Income Certificate 100 KB PDF
Death Certificate of Husband 100 KB PDF
proof of disability 100 KB PDF
  • rate of pension
  • Rates of pension in this ₹ 300 per month is given to the widow pension beneficiary.
  • According to the rules of the Government of India, women from 40 years to 79 years whose name is in the BPL family list of 2002, ₹ 300 per month is given to the widow pension beneficiary.
  • how to apply
  • Application can be made through online and offline or in rural area gram sabha and also in urban area beneficiary district probation officer’s office.
  • Widow Pension Scheme is done in two installments
  • One is paid in April and May and the other in June-July. The amount of payment is given in their bank account or after their physical verification.
  • where to submit application
  • Application Form Block Office Development may be given to the block officer

Handicaped Pension Scheme

  • To be eligible for this scheme, the age of the beneficiary should be above 18 years and have 40% disability completely.
  • And he should be a permanent resident of the state in which he wants to take the benefit of pension like Uttar Pradesh should be a permanent resident
  • If anyone is taking pension grant under old age pension, widow pension, socialist pension or any other scheme, then this applicant will not be eligible for Divyangjan Pension Scheme.
  • Annual Income Divyang Pension Scheme If the beneficiary is living in rural areas, then his annual income is ₹ 46080 and
  • If he is living in an urban area then his family income should be within ₹ 56460
  • And they should have a certificate issued by the District Magistrate, a certificate of disability.

grant amount

  • The amount of grant is given in this ₹ 500 per month, but from time to time there is also an investigation.
  • If the percentage of Divyangjan is found to be less then legal action is taken against them.
  • The application form can be filled by Divyangjan through public facility or online by visiting this website


  • Payment through online e-payment bank accounts is given in

handicapped pension

Apply Online

Help Desk : You can get information from Toll Free Number of Social Welfare Department: 18004190001

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