PUBG redeem code Today (14th February 2022 | 100% Working) | BGMI redeem code

Pubg Redeem Code, Pubg Mobile Redeem Code, BGMI Redeem Code, Pubg Mobile lite Redeem Code today, Pubg Redeem Code Today, Pubg mobile redeem code generator,Hey PUBG lovers, I know you have visited our blog to get PUBG redeem codes and let me assure you that you have visited the correct source to get free BGMI redeem codes. We have a team of 5 members who work with full dedication to provide you with the redeem codes so that you can use them to buy your favourite in-game PUBG items.

 Pubg Redeem Code, Pubg Mobile Redeem Code, BGMI Redeem Code, Pubg Mobile lite Redeem Code today, Pubg Redeem Code Today, Pubg mobile redeem code generator,
PUBG redeem code Today (14th February 2022 | 100% Working) | BGMI redeem code

Topics Covered – Pubg Redeem Code, Pubg Mobile Redeem Code, BGMI Redeem Code, Pubg Mobile lite Redeem Code today, Pubg Redeem Code Today, Pubg mobile redeem code generator,

Friends, we know about the craze of PUBG in the Gaming industry. It has actually changed the way of seeing the mobile gaming industry. NOt only mobile gaming but PUBG/BGMI has also grabbed a special position in the PC gaming market too.

Its unique concept of the game has attracted many youths. In addition to the unique concept of the game, it allows its players to buy many in-game items. After getting involved in the PUBG game for some time, we start developing a sense of possessiveness towards that game character. As soon as our ranking in the game increases, we slowly enter the pro gamer category. And then automatically the thought of buying PUBG items strikes our mind.

PUBG game offers all types of in-game items to customize. Our favourite items like game outfits, vehicle skins, gun skins, parachute designs, masks, scarf lucky draw boxes, and many more are only available for paid. And if you are a student, then it becomes very difficult to purchase them

At this moment I want to say Why fear when our team Mrtechsonu team is here????????? Jokes apart, Okay to deal with this problem, our team works put lots of effort to get free PUBG redeem codes from various sources. We then update the new PUBG redeem code as soon as we get the genuine codes.

In this blog, we have also mentioned some sources that we personally use to obtain the free PUBG redeem code. We use these codes not just for PUBG but for many apps that are available on the play store.

So if you really want to get the BGMI redeem code, then keep visiting our blog daily or bookmark the blog, so that whenever we update any code you can get the immediate chance to grab the PUBG Mobile lite redeem code.

PUBG lite Redeem code today 14th February 2022 details

Redeem codes for PUBG or BGMI(For India)
Topic How to get a free PUBG redeem code today or BGMI redeem code
Developer Tencent Holdings Ltd.(PUBG)/ Krafton Inc.(BGMI)
Total Downloads of BGMI 11 Million
Total Downloads of PUBG 730 million
Official website
Redeem Code Source Discords, Reddit sites, Live streams, etc
Number of redeem codes 2-5 codes are daily updated on our blog
PUBG Redemption Center Official Website
Homepage bloggingviral
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What is PUBG and BGMI?

PUBG and BGMI both are the same game with two different names. When the Indian government imposed the ban on PUBG, it returned to the Indian market with the name Battle Ground Mobile India(BGMI) for Indians players only. It ensured to follow all the rules and regulations laid by the Indian government

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What is a PUBG Redeem Code? What is PUBG/BGMI reward?

PUBG Redeem Codes are 12-16 digit alphanumeric codes that can be used to buy many in-game premium items and inventory, such as costumes, vehicle skins, gun skins, parachute designs, loot boxes, masks, scarves, lucky draw boxes, and many other items for free In.

Why does BGMI offers redeem codes for its players?

After the ban on PUBG in India, all over the world, especially in India, PUBG lost a large part of its user base. As a result, the craze of the game declined to some extent and gradually Free fire took the position of PUBG.

However, after resolving all disputes. PUBG returned to the Indian gaming market with a dedicated name of Battleground Mobile India(BGMI). BGMI followed all the guidelines laid by the government of India.

With the arrival of BGMI, it tries to attract more and more users every day by releasing many BGMI redeem codes occasionally.

How to use PUBG Mobile lite Redeem Code?

You can use these PUBG Mobile redeem codes by visiting the redemption center on their official website. You can also redeem the code using third-party websites like Midasbuy.

PUBG redeem code today

So to redeem the codes you will be asked to enter your Character ID along with the Redemption code. After that, you have to enter the verification code to unlock the BGMI redeem code. Okay, let us give you the step-by-step guide.

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Visit the official PUBG mobile website or click on the redemption center link to land on the official page directly

Redeem PUBG code using official redeemption site
  • On the page, you can see a form asking you to fill 3 fields- Character ID, Redemption code & Verification code
  • To fill the Character id, you just go to your PUBG profile in the game and copy the id.
  • Now enter the PUBG redeem code that you will get from this blog and our other recommended sources.
  • In the last form, you have to simply fill the Captcha verification code correctly.
  • If the captcha or verification code is not visible, you can reload the captcha by hitting the reload button
  • Now click on the yellow-colored “REDEEM’ button.

But the problem is that this official PUBG mobile redeem site doesn’t work in India because of the ban on PUBG by the Indian government, if you use the Indian internet server then none of the official sites of PUBG open. So you can either use a VPN to access the site or you can visit this site named Midasbay which works perfectly fine in India.

Now let’s understand how to use the Midasbuy site-

How to redeem PUBG codes
  • On the page, you will see 4 options- Purchase, Redeem, RP, Promotions.
  • To activate the PUBG redeem code, click on Redeem
  • Before entering the redeem code, you have to first sign up in the website
  • You can use your Facebook account to sign up
  • Once the sign-up process is complete, you will be asked to enter your character id
  • As I already said, PUBG characters can easily be copied from the profile of the PUBG/BGMI app 
  • Enter the Character id and PUBG redeem code.
  • Wait for a few minutes for the reward to reflect in your in-game mailbox.
Motor Vehicle Skin JSGRXDZ29I
Pan with Golden Color DJ9WZ5OR69
Modern Hanbok Jacket for Free I6UPZEEY0A
Padded Jacket (Camo) for Free TMJ1FBKTQB
Scar L skin E9KFA69C7F
Legendary Outfit WMQFHGBSN0
Car Skin B34J3DGHJW
Parachute Skin W78LLC15Z6
Assassin Bottom & Assassin Suit 7X1E6JCBGV
Free 1300 Silver Fragments 2WHN2YORCF
Backpack Skin EBF8MZ56ZJV8
Desert Ranger Set 6UN1IJPACM
Kar 98K Sniper Gun Skin 1NRSC6MH05
Set of Bumble Bee 2Q90IER9ID
Free 900 UC 2T5JGWMT9L
Free Companion IRVYB3EBMN
Free Emoticons NXS65WIEUR
Free Room Cards EPZV8OZMBV
Free Rename Card UI7MT2A075
(Unknown) 80B6N9T9RA
Falcon TXK3KN1L6Q
Motor Vehicle Skin 5T7B2G0D7Z
Free Fireworks EFY00EM8M0
Random Outfit GLQXWK1IX1
Racer Set (Gold) FZGZUTQAL7
Stealth Brigade Set 1H2DYYK5SK
Desert Ranger Set 7IZQRFYVUY
AK47 Gun Skin BIG21D2H7G
AKM Glacier Skin9(white) 17OZN8VO4Z
Leo Set Legendary Outfit HQYFRI7HNC
Racer Set (Gold) 3X45BUI92E
Golden Pan 437ZKG4WLB
Get Free Companion AUH45O4ZH6
Desert Ranger Set DW107MTPKP
Bumble Bee Set 21GO7P9GGZ
Unknown Gift W8J6SN62YB
Free rename card 1XKT1QOXQP
Pink Helmet YRN8S0KDBQ56
Bike Skin BIY67PEVAP
Desert Ranger Set ESOJNKFCV3
Free Andy Character M7Z9AUZQ3S
Free Rename Card & Room Card J6AL8Q6QGV
1000 UC (Only for Lucky users) YZOUBC997F
Random Gun Skins OL368AK9T7
Premium Car Skin (For 3 days) 3PFZQPYEPQ
Free Emoticons RIM6GPGYTZ
M24 Gun Skin (For 5 days) 4ZYI515UFW
1 Free PUBG Cannon Popularity 5R2SOZUYGS
SCAR-L Gun Skin 198D4DOCRZ
Falcon (Latest) D25UAWU11W
Legendary Outfit SBN2S3IYP8
Get 1 Free PUBG Cannon Popularity R4A65L6Z06
Kar98K Skin (For 3 Days) XA5DS9UR5Y
Free Room Card NRVNK71LZR
Pistol Skins for 3 Days 57MVLQAGIN
Free Rename Card GHX8P56928
Get 3 Motorcycle R2N2NBCF23
Rewards: Andy Character 08S2HABUSG
New AKM Glacier Skin Redeem Code 8ILDHOQNDA
Flight Skins Redeem Code 241BOWKLVR
Underground Crew Set IMPRORIDER
M416 Orange Skin 09G99PGPWQ
Free Fireworks 1MM3SVSPMB
8 Red Tea Popularity L40WF3ZHYL
Pink Combo Costume GBQ12T60DE
Free 400 UC 3YYN498G3L
Pistol Skin IH0ZM5IF9R
Bonus Gift PF8YD94D7J
Unknown Gift C2VFM3T8K9
Free PUBG Football & Chicken Popularity TIQKMW00OF
Free Silver Fragments JIOO6GUTQH
Special Costume 3TJSGCIY34
KAR98 sniper skin IGF1O70MNM
Pistol Skin 7KXG1CN6XE
Unknown Gift 56YXN78GPE
Falcon Pet T23NM5IVFJ
Falcon Pet PE76YMTRAY
100 UC 8EE357F5SB
M31A4 new skin- OFXKXOX14G
UMP-45 Gun Skin S63N3CCZEU
Golden Pan 29MH8ACYKK
Free Victor Character W78BX7XEN4
2 Red Tea Popularity E4XTCUKRYH
Unknown Gift FJUJ4HUDZS
Two-Wheeler Skin for Free E1WA79AXER
PUBG Football & Chicken Popularity(free) OB8NA2PYS3
Unknown Gift W6L1PCG26B
 Free PUBG Cannon Popularity IYK96RZWTC
Free PUBG Football PUM3VQFWZ0
Stylish Shoes W1M7FUD8BB
Free MP5K Skin(3 Days) G7F8U3MKHK
Free Carlo Character 5PKGXQL6QA
New Design Helmet Skins 280N9Q2C0I
Unknown Gift SLF2CAELFD
Free Aeroplane skin 2VHPR77KB9
CigaretteSTV’s Shirt Free WHS1DGPJRX
Free Just9n’s Jacket IUI5PD9X5H
Bonus Codes TYT296G6G1
Bonus Codes DDOLZ0N56F
Digital Camo Jacket C2IUCPQQY7
Pirate Captain Outfit W9R65DBD7C
Snake Skin Sneakers 6RJONFW09P
Bonus Codes I9OF76Y5GW
Bonus Codes FRQSVYVNV9
100UC for Absolutely free R37F7ZZBUC
Free Name cards or Room Card N9E1YF81PQ
Leo Mask + Leo Jumpsuit RAVAAUL0X6
Vintage Desert Combat Tunic GIX3V2EYDY
Killer Clown Mask WLHFYYXM2A
Tiger Print Bandana M8NJO0CLVJ
Free rename card V3CS1LMD3J
Pink Helmet 0S0VQ8KTC8
Dragon Print Qipao N7JZZ5YU56
PUBG5 Jacket E329KG0CEZ
Festive Horse Mask UQNJ2MX25N
Hwarang Shirt RIOXWXV5OA
Vintage Gas Mask ADGBRHY8BC
Fringed Hotpants 6HRK1SYTBN
500 UC Q7788QCYJ8
Tracksuit Top TX0SDBOWBX
Bonus Codes 83XTMZBSLY
Bonus Codes 7VD693J0FY
Bonus Codes KHJH4CN3P8
Bonus Codes K8ZFO8127H
Bonus Codes VRHZ8YUOBH
Bonus Codes F7A6KIB2NL
Bonus Codes AK1RT6TBBJ
Bonus Codes 0ZRVNYMKIZ
Bonus Codes FY1H99SGFS
Bonus Codes CD9PM3R2K9
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