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Rajasthan Scholarship Online Rajasthan Commissionerate College Education Rajasthan Jaipur Scholarship Online application Online applications have been invited on the departmental website in the following schemes from the students and girls studying in the Government School, Private College/University located in Rajasthan. filling the application form Before, the student and student guardian should study the guidelines related to the schemes thoroughly, the rules and documents to be attached, only after that Apply Online

The rules and guidelines related to the scheme are available on the departmental website Online Scholarship, the students who have got their college scholarship. Portal but they are not showing their University by contacting the principal of registration And can do the work of updation, the colleges which have not yet done registration and updation on the portal, they should take joint action.

Chief Minister Higher Education Scholarship Scheme

In the priority list of Higher Secondary Examination of Board of Secondary Education Ajmer by the Honorable Chief Minister of Rajasthan, the first 100000 such students whose annual family income is up to ₹ 250000 and they are not getting any other scholarship or incentive amount, ₹ 500 per month for them. ₹ 5000 per annum and talented To encourage disabled students, it has been announced to pay a scholarship of ₹ 1000 per month.

Chief Minister Higher Education Scholarship Scheme Benefits

  • new 1 lakh students those who qualify
  • All such students who have been covered under this scheme in the previous year Scholarship Acceptance and who are studying in institutions of higher education on a regular basis
  • This scheme has been started with the aim of increasing the level of education and providing assistance to the children of low income group.
  • Benefit of this scheme student and student Apart from this, the benefit of this scheme will have to be given to those students who fulfills all the following conditions such as
  1. who Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education Passed 12th exam from Ajmer this year with minimum 60% marks
  2. And those who have secured the first one lakh place in the board’s merit list
  3. whose parent’s or guardian’s annual income be up to ₹250000
  4. Which is a state of Rajasthan or a recognized non-state high tech studying regularly in the institute
  5. he should be a native of rajasthan
  6. He is not getting benefit under any other scholarship and equivalent scheme of Government of India, State Government
  7. he has aadhar card
  8. Jan Aadhar Card (Bhamashah Card) should be made Without Jan Aadhar Card (Bhamashah Card) can not apply online
  9. Divyang students will have to attach an attested photocopy of 40% disability certificate issued by the Medical Board constituted by the Medical Department.

Application Process

The complete procedure to apply online is given below

  • Chief Minister Higher Education Scholarship Scheme application For Online have to fill the form
  • No application is required to apply
  • Only students who fulfill all the eligibility conditions should apply online, all the information is available on its official website.

How many steps have to be done online application

To Apply Rajasthan Scholarship Online 3-4 steps have to pass through

  1. In the first step, the SSO ID has to be created.
  2. The second step is to create a profile and
  3. Online for Scholarship in the third phase You have to apply through the processes, whichever scholarship is being run by the government in Rajasthan, easily online can apply
name of student Chief Minister Higher Education Scholarship Scheme
plan year 2020-21
Online start date 29-10-2020
Online End Date 31-12-2020
State Rajasthan
Official Website https://hte.rajasthan.gov.in/

Students Rajasthan Scholarship Online

Rajasthan Scholarship Today, friends will talk about the main purpose of giving scholarship of any state. State To increase the education rate of our country, the education rate of our country is low and every state wants that our state should be at the top in the field of education or any other field, by giving scholarship to the students and The hope of reading is awakened in the girl students. And those students get a lot of help Those who do not have money to study in private or big schools and colleges Students get a lot of help through scholarship

Rajasthan Scholarship Online Start Apply

By getting the scholarship, the parents and education expenses on parents It is often seen that parents and guardians are far behind in educating girls and they feel embarrassed when girls are born in the family, which is absolutely wrong. Nowadays girls are ahead of boys Now she is walking together step by step, by giving scholarship, it also helps a lot for the girl students. It also affects the sex ratio

Government’s various expenses for the girl’s education plans There are many schemes like Chief Minister Kanya Utthan Yojana, Mukhyamantri Balika Yojana and many other schemes which are being given by the government for girl students. Rajasthan Government Chief Minister Higher Education Scholarship Scheme for online application are invited Chief Minister Scholarship It is very important to know all the information before applying the scheme, today we will tell you how to apply online for Rajasthan Chief Minister’s Higher Education Scholarship Scheme.

How to Apply Rajasthan Mukhya Mantri Higher Scholarship Online

To apply Rajasthan Scholarship Online, first of all you have to create a profile, only after that online application can be done, how to create a profile

  • Rajasthan Scholarship Online To apply, first you have to create a profile
  • Only after that online application can be done
  • How to create a profile There are four options to create a profile
  1. Mass base
  2. Bhamasha
  3. Facebook
  4. And Google Account (Gmail) Sign in with your Gmail account on your computer or laptop, in this you have to do account verification
  5. After signing in to your Gmail account, your account verification will be done.
  6. After that an e-mail will come to your Gmail account, there will be a link in that email, you have to click on that link.
  7. after you click SSO ID will appear After that you have to create your own password and enter mobile number
  8. now you own Scholarship Online login to

Rajasthan Mukhay Mantri Scholarship

Create Profile Rajasthan Mukhya Mantri Scholarship

  • Chief Minister Rajasthan Chief Minister Higher Education scholarship scheme for online application
  • Go to this website and click on login
  • Now enter your Digital Identity Username
  • and enter password
  • Captcha code by entering
  • login
  • If You Forgot Your Username Password Click On Forget Password From Below
  • and generate your username and password
  • A new window will open in front of you, now click on the Citizen app
  • After that click on Scholarship
  • Now the student name will appear in front of you, click on it
  • Select Students Name Click On the Name
  • Enter your Aadhar Number OK
  • Verify Your Identity Through OTP/Demography

now in front of you form Scholarship Form It will come out in the open, in this phone you will fill all the information carefully and the above upload the document In this, you will see some information bigger than before, this information will give you your own Profile The information you have given while creating will show you the information I would like to advise you here, while creating the profile, make your profile well so that you Online Application No information error while doing

Fill Rajasthan Scholarship Online

Rajasthan Online 2020-21

Upload the following Documents During Online Profile Creation

After filling all the details in the form click on submit button Click After that your profile will be created

Rajasthan Mukhyamantri Scholarship

Scholarship Online Rajsthan Mukhya Mantri Uch Siksha Yojna

Now you can easily apply for any Rajasthan Scholarship Online You can apply, now you have to click on Scholarship, after that enter your Aadhaar number and enter the verification method. select and verify your profile

RJ Scholarship 2020-21

After the verification, all the schools for which you are eligible Scholarship The list will appear in front of you, now you have to select the scholarship, for which scholarship you have to apply online, the path on that (√) Put and fill in the below and fill them properly and mummy fill in the following information

RJ Scholarship kaise karen AAvedan

Fill This Information in Scholarship Form

  • Academic year
  • Select Directorate (School Polytechnic) or University
  • Choose Course
  • Select Year
  • Date of Admission
  • Passed the final exam
  • Roll number in final exam
  • Final exam year
  • The final exam passed the marksheet
  • Upload Marksheet
  • Last Year Percentage
  • Are You Hostler- Select YES or NO
  • Are You Gap in Previous Year Select- YES or NO

If you are staying in hostel then click on YES after that fill your FEE amount and upload receipt and submit buttNow click on O for your scholarshiponline application complete This application has been submitted, now it has gone to college and institute login, now the college and university operator will see this application and if everything is correct, they will approve or reject

Important Linsk RJ Scholarship Online


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