Top 3 games like PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a stunning battle royale game that millions of people across the world play. Aside from the worldwide edition, there are other regional variants of the game available in places where the original version is prohibited.

Despite its enormous popularity, PUBG Mobile cannot be relished by a large number of players since it requires a lot of storage space. Players with limited storage space can choose from the following Android games with small download sizes.

3 best Android games like PUBG Mobile under 100 MB

Here are the Android games like PUBG Mobile whose file sizes are below 100 MB:

1) Battle Royale 3D- Warrior63

This title’s atmosphere, gameplay, and game mechanics are quite similar to those of PUBG Mobile. Players are charged with fleeing the Poison Circle as rapidly as possible in this game developed by LQ-GAME. Readers may get it for free from the Google Play Store or by clicking here.

The map is 4 km by 4 km in size and matches last about 15 minutes. The game also includes a new automobile and boat driving system to help players in their survival journey.

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2) Fire Force: Shooting Survival

Due to the game’s cyberpunk theme, gamers may notice some parallels with PUBG Mobile’s new 1.7.0 release. Players will never run out of supplies or ammo during rounds, thanks to airdrops and treasure boxes.

In the 5 vs 5 game variants, mobile players may enjoy playing with their pals. They can also boost their chances of survival by using contemporary technologies like drones and energy shields. Fire Force may be played both offline and online. Download the game here.

Download size: 73 MB

3) PVP Shooting Battle 2020 Online and Offline

By connecting with others online, mobile gamers may enjoy a multiplayer mode, training mode, and other features. The game, which is similar to PUBG Mobile in terms of shooting and survival aspects, can be downloaded here.

They may even play without an online connection in single-player mode. Players may play more than twenty action-packed adventures offline. In addition to objectives, users may participate in daily events and challenges.

Download size: 91 MB


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