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BPL To see the list of family, today we will tell you friends through this article. BPL List Inside comes those families who live below the poverty line, a list of BPL families is prepared by the government and the families who come under the BPL line are provided assistance by the government, let us know today. How do you describe Madhya Pradesh in the article? BPL Suchi Will be able to see and know more about what is the process of adding name in BPL list and what is BPL

What is BPL

BPL- Below Poverty Line As friends, everyone knows that all words have different meanings, but today what we are going to tell you in this article is below Poverty Line, we will tell you about BPL’s many more abbreviations and their full forms. Below we can see BPL and other names but the BPL list we will mention in this article will be below Poverty Line

As friends all know, all words have many kinds of meanings, but today what we are going to tell you in this article is below the line, we will tell you about BPL and many more abbreviations and their complete forms. We can see below known by BPL and other names, but the BPL list which we will mention in this article will be below the line.

see ration card online

Registered BPL Families 9668990
Verified BPL Families 2756761
BPL families pending for verification 6912209
Family removed from BPL family after verification 461343
Updated 27 February 2021

How to add names to BPL List

Go to the official website run by the Government of Madhya Pradesh and here all the information related to adding name to BPL is available, how to add name to it and those who have already registered in BPL how will they see their name in BPL list Information about all these things has been given on the official website of MP, which you will get to see below.

Check Ration Card Status

How to Check Name in BPL List

  • To know whether your name is in the BPL list or not, visit this website
  • After going here click on the link registered in BPL family
  • After clicking here the next web page will open
  • Where you can see the list of BPL families, first of all select your district
  • select local body
  • Select Gram Panchayat or Zone and
  • Enter the captcha code below and click on the Go button
  • In this way the list of all BPL beneficiaries of that Panchayat will be visible from light you can see the list of BPL families

BPL List Check

How to Check Application Status of BPL

Check Application Status of BPL Family
Check Application Status of BPL Family
  • If you have applied online to add name in BPL list then you can know the status of your application
  • Whether your name in BPL List or your application has been approved or your name is added or not, you can check the status in this way
  • To view visit this website After visiting here
  • Click on BPL Registered Applicant Status and
  • Enter your 8 digit family ID or 9 digit number ID
  • And by entering the captcha code and click on the Go button, the status of your application will be known

Deleted list of BPL

State Wise BPL List दखे

names of states Cool Registered Family Official Links
Andhra Pradesh 1,22,70,164 Click here
Arunachal Pradesh 2,60,217 Click here
Assam 64,27,614 Click here
Bihar 2,00,74,242 Click here
Chhattisgarh 57,14,798 Click here
Goa 3,02,950 Click here
Gujarat 1,16,29,409 Click here
Haryana 46,30,959 Click here
Himachal Pradesh 14,27,365 Click here
Jammu and Kashmir 20,94,081 Click here
Jharkhand 60,41,931 Click here
Karnataka 1,31,39,063 Click here
Kerala 76,98,556 Click here
Madhya Pradesh 1,47,23,864 Click here
Maharashtra 2,29,62,600 Click here
Manipur 5,78,939 Click here
Meghalaya 5,54,131 Click here
Mizoram 2,26,147 Click here
Odisha 99,42,101 Click here
Punjab 50,32,199 Click here
Rajasthan 1,31,36,591 Click here
Sikkim 1,20,014 Click here
Tamil Nadu 1,75,21,956 Click here
Tripura 8,75,621 Click here
Uttarakhand 19,68,773 Click here
Uttar Pradesh 3,24,75,784 Click here
West Bengal 2,03,67,144 Click here
Andaman & Nicobar Islands 92,717 Click here
Chandigarh 2,14,233 Click here
Dadra & Nagar Haveli 66,571 Click here
Daman & Diu 44,968 Click here
National Capital Territory of Delhi 33,91,313 Click here
Lakshadweep 10,929 Click here
Puducherry 2,79,857 Click here

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