WordPress Me New Post Kaise Likhe


WordPress Me New Post Kaise Likhe | वर्डप्रेस में न्यू पोस्ट कैसे लिखे

Do you want to learn how to write a new post in WordPress?

If you have started blogging today and have created your blog on WordPress, today in this article we will tell you how to write new posts in WordPress.

In today’s time, the WordPress blog comes in the first place because SEO is very easy to do in WordPress. Apart from this, coding is not required to fix any error in the WordPress blog. You can fix any problems by just installing plugging in it. So today every blogger wants to go to wordpress.

Before starting the article, I tell you that if you run a blog on WordPress, then you must use the Yoast SEO plugin. This is an SEO plugin using which you can easily do SEO of your blog.

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WordPress Me New Post Kaise Likhe

Log into your wordpress blog then Post >> Add new post Click on.

Now a page will be open for writing posts, in which many options are seen, you can see the photo below, let’s tell about all these options.

WordPress Button: This is the logo link of WordPress, by clicking on it, all the features of WordPress appear and you can see all your posts as well.

Plus (+) Button: By clicking on it, you can add Heading, Paragraphs, Images to your post.

Pencil icon: By clicking on it, you can select the block in the post content.

Arrow Buttons: This is Undo Button. If an element is deleted by mistake while writing the post, you can bring it back by clicking on this button.

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i Button: By clicking on this option, you can check the character, word, heading, paragraph in the post.

Save draft: By clicking on, you can save and keep your Incomplete article.

Preview: After writing the post, you can see your post by clicking on the Preview button.

Publish: After composing the post, you can live the post for the visitor by clicking on the publish button.

Settings: By clicking on it you can hide or unhide the WordPress Sidebar.

Categories: After writing the post, you select a category for your post.

How to write the title of WordPress Post

You should use the keyword related to your content in your post title and write the title so that it can be understood from reading that on which topic your post is written. Apart from this, you should not use extra keywords in your title that is written user friendly.

WordPress Me Meta Description Kaise Likhe?

After writing a post in WordPress, write such a Meta Description that the visitor will understand what they will learn in the post. Apart from this, you can use the focus keyword from the content in your post.

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After writing many bloggers posts, they write a lot of keywords in their post description. Anyone who will see and understand that this article has been written to rank Google only and only. But Google never ranks such content in the top.

How to create Permalink (Slug) in WordPress?

The blog post URL in WordPress is called Permalink or Slug. Permalink structure should be seo friendly after writing posts in WordPress. Google always likes short permalink (url) more so you should also shorten the URL of your post.

That’s it, hope you have learned how to write posts on WordPress. Small request, if this article has proved helpful for you, then do not forget to share it!


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